La Boisselle to High Wood (The Albert-Bapaume Road)

Albert to High Wood

This is the La Boisselle sector of the Battle of the Somme. The Allies jumped off from the bottom left – Lochnagar crater is visible in the lower left of the picture which was the German position on 1 July. To the right is the village of Mametz. The attack was along the Albert-Bapaume Road which goes up the left of the picture. Mametz Wood is in the centre of the picture and Montauban off to the right. At the extreme top is High Wood. This objective was reached, but not taken by 16 September. This whole sector was due to have been taken in three days and no later than 4 July 1916. It cost almost 265,000 Allies and as many German defenders. This area of the whole First World War battlefield is the most densely concentrated site for human casualties. For example, between the Pozieres cemetery on the road and the Australian memorial just to the north, lie over 15,000 bodies even to this day.

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