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October 29, 2013

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Amazon Paperback minimum 10% Donation to the Royal British Legion and 15% Donation to the North West Blood Bikes Manchester. Amazon Kindle Edition minimum £1 Donation to the Royal British Legion and 15% to the North West Blood Bikes Manchester

Trench Publishing 2013

Trench Publishing 2013

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  1. Battlefield Touring on a Motorcycle – Chapter 1 The Western Front 1914-1916 (Get out there!) | The Mad Game – A Love and War Series - April 30, 2014

    […] Chris Cherry is the author of The Mad Game novels, factually set in the Great War. He undertakes meticulous battlefield and social history research, all on his trusty Honda Blackbird, to ensure that his novels are historically and militarily accurate, reflecting the true history of the times. Intended to give readers a real sense of being there, on the Western Front, living the war with the characters. He is also an IAM Observer, volunteer Blood Biker with Blood Bikes Manchester and a historian of early twentieth century history. […]

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