The War Memorial

The War Memorial

The War Memorial, Didsbury, Manchester


The Memorial by the Road

Standing watch, still, day by day
Year on year, as you make your way
Barely notice how the passing season
Escapes your gaze, but then! A reason
To tarry a step, to read a name
Not a garish plaque, or a hall of fame
But a quiet stone upon which to find
A soldier’s ghost, slipped out of mind
From years of time, to tell the story
Not one of heroes, steeped in glory
But of Jack, or George or William who
Died on the Somme or Wipers too
Just read the name out loud, with head held high
To remember them and understand why
For our tomorrow they gave their today
They are all dead, or so they say
Not for me! as each name in stone
Soars high above the sun at noon
Is not forgotten and never will
Remember Jack and George, our Bill!

Chris Cherry April 2014

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