Ypres French National Cemetery (1914-1918)

The French Army moved into Belgium in the early days of the war to attempt to hold the right flank of the German Army. They succeeded in slowing the progress of the enemy into northern France along with the BEF at the First Battle of Ypres, during the end of the “race to the sea”. This came at a terrible cost to lives, most soldiers being the cream of the French Army, regular soldiers, highly trained and cast into the battlefield. It is believed that the French Army in Ypres were the first soldiers to report the symptoms of shell shock, although it was the Germans who documented this new condition first.


MAURY Pierre, Marie, Louis, Anne né le 24.04.1869 à Elven, département du Morbihan. Origine : Ecole militaire d’infanterie. Décorations : Chevalier de l’ordre de la légion d’honneur le 10.07.1907, médaille coloniale (Algérie, Sahara), croix de guerre, officier académie le 20.10.1904, officier de l’ordre du Nichan el Iftikar de Tunis le 24.06.1901 Sous-lieutenant le 1.04.1895, lieutenant le 1.04.1897, capitaine le 7.03.1906, chef de bataillon le 24.06.1909, lieutenant-colonel à TT le 22.09.1914 4 RTA le 1.04.1895, 1 RE le 2.08.1902, 32 RI le 7.03.1906, 1 RE le 25.03.1906, 25 RI le 24.06.1909, 32 RI le 28.09.1910, 135 RI le 22.09.1914. Tué à l’ennemi le 26.10.1914


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