Rancourt German Cemetery (Eastern Somme)


Rancourt Military Cemetery

Rancourt hosts three military cemeteries, one French, one British, and this one is German. It is also the key site for the commemoration of French participation in the Battle of the Somme.

Rancourt German Cemetery records that 11,422 men are buried on the site in a mix of multiple graves and a communal grave.

In this cemetery rest 11422 German soldiers 1914-1918

There are only a few graves here from the early months of the war. Two thirds of the dead lying here are from the Battle of the Somme between July and November 1916. Most of the remainder are from the summer of 1918.


Granite crosses, most are multiple burials, including unknown soldiers.

In 1929 repairs were carried out following negotiations with the French Government and the mass graves were given a proper wall and planted with roses. Trees were planted and the cemetery was inaugurated on 17 September 1933.

There are two mass graves containing the remains of 7,492 soldiers of whom only 2,316 could be identified.

A small chapel made from red Vosges sandstone lies within the cemetery and inside is an entombment carved by Geiger the Munich sculptor.


Rancourt German Cemetery. Planted with Oak, the national tree of Germany


An unknown soldier at Rancourt

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