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A Bit Of Company

April 12, 2015


Guillemont Road Cemetery

Guillemont Road Cemetery on the Somme, south of Longueval village

This poem was written for me by my good friend Clare Whittam. Last year, when I visited High Wood and Longueval, I read aloud one of her poems for the fallen. She kindly penned me this piece as a thank you. I often think of the soldiers and men from all sides around me as I ride the battlefields, doing my research and trying to write and capture their real stories. I also often try imagine them alive to tell their own story in my work…..

The British Front Line and Cavalry Crossing Point 14 July 1916 near to Longueval and Caterpillar Valley Cemetery

A Bit of Company

I watch you both standing there
Shoulder to shoulder
In companionable silence
Surveying the invisible carnage
Separated merely by time
But not by place
A father and son
Yet not father and son
One will ride away from here
Back to his life
And the other
Will lie down again
Under the grassy mound
Known Only Unto God

Clare Whittam 2014


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